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✅ Strategy ✅ Systems ✅Support ✅ Scalability

We are creating the largest 24 hour business loan brokerage ever!  Together, we will create a powerhouse this industry has never seen before. Virtually overnight! 

How I will support you:

✅ Strategy ✅ Systems  ✅Support  ✅ Scalability 

Success requires strategy therefore, as the #1 trainer in this space, I’m committed to giving you and your team all the necessary training needed to start and grow successfully. 

Our end-to-end CRM and LOS software, has all the tech needed to efficiently handle your files and streamline the funding process. Arming you and your team with the ability to scale to infinite levels. 

Removing the cumbersome task of processing from your business is a game changer. We have a processing team that does all of the underwriting & processing for you, allowing you to focus on prospecting. The most successful business financing agents are the ones who leverage a processing team. 

Recruiting is great, but then you have to train them and process their deals. This is not scalable. I will give you a recruiting funnel and a non-branded business loan broker training for all your recruits so you can focus on your own deals and recruiting more reps to your team.

With these 4 S’s in place, you now have zero resistance points. You have the full support you need to scale to endless heights. 

Large brokerages that have caught wind of Next Level Funding’s business model are expressing major concern. Because they understand how fast Next Level Funding will erode their inefficient broker channels. 

Especially with YOU by my side. Any brokerage shop that relies on co-brokering is in serious jeopardy. 

There are only a few opportunities in your lifetime that you get to join something, at ground level that will be a massive success. 6 years in this industry and I’m the most clear and confident I’ve ever been. 

The hardships I’ve walked through and battles I’ve won have prepared me for this very moment. Don’t be one of those who have to look back and say I wish I would have joined Next Level at the very beginning. 

We are literally paying 80% with the ability to earn UNCAPPED MONEY!!! 

You’ll receive a unique identifier that allows your clients to apply for funding through a streamlined process in the palm of their hand. 

The client will upload documents, receive & review offers, accept & sign contracts and receive the funding deposited into their business bank account. 

Processing, Underwriting, Funding all happen in the background without you ever having to be concerned with any of it. 





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